5 Ways to Make the 2018 Earth Dog Year your Best Friend.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Xīn Nián Kuài Lè! 新年快乐

Based on the lunar calendar, the new moon determines the date of the New Year: Feb 16th marks the first day of the Year of the Earth Dog.
Most interesting about this year is that it is a “Double Earth” year!
What does this mean? How will it affect your life?
Well, according to the Chinese zodiac, each year is either yin or yang. Last year was a yin year, and so this year is a yang year. Additionally, the five elements rotate alongside twelve animals.
To break this down simply for you, we just finished the year of the Fire Rooster in 2017. According to the zodiac, Earth comes after Fire and the Dog comes after the Rooster. Rooster is yin and Dog is yang. So last year was a yin year, and this year is a yang year.
Interestingly, the animals also have their own separate five element affinity. The Rooster for example, is a Metal animal. And Metal clashes with Fire, so that’s why 2017 was so cataclysmic.
The Dog, however, is an Earth animal, and once every 60 years the year of the Dog lands on an Earth year – that’s why it’s a Double Earth Year.

What Can you expect in a Double Earth Year?

Expect less unexpected.
After a firey Rooster year, this year will be less fiery and more down to earth than last year.

Time to solidify your foundations

The Fire Rooster last year brought record floods, fires, hurricanes and natural disasters. The Earth Dog Year will be a year to solidify your foundation and restore the integrity of your territory.
If your house was flooded last year, this year will be a perfect year to bring in loads of earth onto your property and solidify your foundation. Gardens will thrive with fresh earth added this year too.
According to one of my teachers, Lillian Bridges, who is one of the world’s leading authorities on Chinese face reading, astrology and feng shui, more actual earth is predicted to be made this year either through earthquakes and/or volcanic eruptions. She also predicts that industry in mountains and mountain-based economies will thrive.
Investing in mountain real estate, farming, or in the Swiss franc should do well this year – being a mountain-based country.
Besides the normal ups and downs of life, and possible volcanoes, the Double Earth Dog year has mostly good news in store for everyone.
The biggest downside to this year is the fact that with Double Earth, the element of Fire is buried, so the tendency towards stagnation is high.
The negative aspect of Earth is stagnation, dampness, inertia, obsession, being stuck, feeling blocked, cloudy, heavy, and depressed.
The positive aspects. however. are many. It’s a year for stability, planting new seeds, laying foundations, grounding, healing, clearing, and nurturing.
The key to keeping the positivity flowing your way this year will be in harmonizing yourself with the strong energies of the Earth element and connecting with your best friend, the dog.
(And if you don’t like dogs, you should try to befriend them just for this year at least)
Below are five simple ways to get the most out of a Double Earth Dog Year…


If you care for a dog,

You’ll have a loyal friend and staunch defender.

If you betray a dog’s trust,

You never know when it might turn on you and bite!

5 Tips to Nourish Your Inner Dog in 2018


1- Go for lots of walks!

Dogs love to go outside to walk, run and smell the air. Follow the dog’s advice this year and spend as much time outside, in nature, breathing the air deeply into your lungs.
This year go for walks every day!
Any time in nature will be extra healing this year with the Earth element so strong.
If you find yourself feeling stuck, stagnant or down this year, just get yourself out in nature and pretend that you’re a dog!

2- Be loyal to your principles and values

Dogs are called ‘Mans best friend’ because they will love their master even if they are not treated well. They will defend the homes where they live and the people in them no matter what.
We can learn from this example by loving ourselves unconditionally and treating our bodies well even if we have let ourselves down in the past.
If you encounter significant challenges this year, remember to stay loyal to those you love and defend your principles and values.

3- Care for your digestive system

In Chinese medicine, Earth is associated with the digestive system, which builds all the Qi and Blood from the food and water we consume.
As I said prior, the Double Earth leads to a strong tendency towards stagnancy. This may block ambition, growth and flow. Earth is heavy, dense and overall yin in nature.
Physiologically, an imbalance in Earth can lead to dampness, toxic build-up, weight-gain, digestive, lymph and hormonal problems, and auto-immune disorders. Psychologically, it can lead to obsessive thinking, worry, anxiety, depression, mania, and focus problems.
The key to avoiding these will be to nourish your Earth by eating as healthy as possible. If you give the Earth the right fertilisation, it will grow anything you plant in it.

4- It’s a fertile year – plant a garden

Double Earth means good year for fertility and gardening.
If you nourish Earth this year, anything you plant in it will flourish. A great year for growing or starting gardens.
Farmers should expect good crops this year, however, since Earth can restrain Water, there could be droughts in some parts of the world. Harvesting and conserving water resources in spring and summer will be especially wise this year.
Double Earth yang brings strong fertility. It will be a good year for those seeking to conceive.
Couples with previous conception difficulties should pay extra attention to their nutrition and avoid falling in the negative pitfalls of Double Earth that I listed above.

5- Follow your nose

Follow your nose and trust your instincts. If something smells off, it probably is. Dishonesty and malicious intent will be easier to spot this year.
But, you may still have to sniff it out to find where exactly that bone is buried and dig it up too to get to the bottom of the truth.
The same as if something smells (feels) good, go follow that and see where it leads you. You don’t have a leash around your neck, so go follow those things that make you feel alive, healthy and happy.
Who knows, you might find a buried treasure!
– I wish you the best possible Year of the Earth Dog!  – Blaise


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