Five Healthy Winter Breakfast Ideas

5 Healthy Breakfasts Perfect for Winter

By: Blaise T. Ryan, R.TCMP, R.Ac
Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist
Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ancestral Nutrition.

1. 10-Min Oatmeal with Chia Seeds, Hemp Hearts & Maple Syrup

This quick and easy breakfast is as simple as it sounds.  All you need are the following ingredients, keeping in mind that the quantities vary according to preference:
Organic Oats (not quick oats, Raw-Chia-Seeds-superfood-300x225
the ones you have to cook for 10 mins)

– Chia Seeds
– Hemp Hearts
– 4 Dates
– Coconut Oil
– Himalayan Sea Salt
– Maple Syrup
– Raw Cacao Nibs (optional)
– Fresh Berries (optional)
Cook the oats in a generous amount of water.  Don’t worry about making it too liquid; the oat-water has many healthy benefits as well, so slurp it up!  Boil the water, add the oats and simmer on low-heat for approximately 10 mins, stirring occasionally to avoid the oats from sticking (if you put in more water, it’s easier to avoid this problem).
When the oats are done, add at least a teaspoon (or more) of chia seeds and hemp hearts per bowl.  A dollop of coconut oil and a pinch of Himalayan sea salt will help bring together and enhance the flavours.  Sweeten with maple syrup and enjoy.
**IMPORTANT:  Don’t cook your chia seeds, hemp hearts or maple syrup.
This delicious and nourishing breakfast is great for your entire digestive system.  The oats and chia seeds absorb and clean up toxins, mucus and dampness in the body.  The chia seeds are great for your intestines and the hemp hearts provide fantastic omegas and proteins for your cells.
Benefits these organ systems:  Spleen, Stomach, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Lungs and Heart.
Ancestral Diet classification:  Homesteaders Diet


2. Japanese Miso Breakfast Soupveggie-noodle-miso-soup

You may be used to having miso soup with your sushi, but it’s often consumed in Japan as a breakfast – and it packs a powerful nutritious punch when prepared with fresh, pure ingredients.
I usually make up my recipes by mixing the essential ingredients of organic miso paste, broth (bone broth is my favourite), ginger, seaweed, tofu and other green vegetables.  Grate the fresh ginger when it’s ready before serving.  You can garnish with fresh herbs for other benefits too.
Here are a couple of great recipes I found online for you that will show you how simple it is:
Real-Fast Low-Cost Organic Miso Soup Recipe
Food Babe’s Organic Miso Recipe
Benefits these organ systems:  Spleen, Stomach, Liver, Gall Bladder, Heart and Kidneys, Urinary Bladder
Ancestral Diet classification:  Homesteaders Diet


3. Paleo Egg Avocado Morning DelightIMG_4222[1]

I made this one up when I was hosting Ancestral Diet author and expert, Dr. Michael Smith.  I figured that I should make him a proper ice-age breakfast since he’s so passionate about it.  I prefer using fresh avocados, not baked ones like this picture shows.  I also like adding a little bit of lightly poached celery and fresh sprouts.  So yummy!
What you need:
– Organic Free-Range Eggs
– Avocado
– Fresh Alfalfa Sprouts
– Organic Celery or other Veg.
– Salt & Pepper to taste
Bring 1/4 cup of water to a boil in a pan over medium heat.  Crack 2 eggs in the simmering water and place celery in pan next to the eggs.  Lower heat to medium low, salt & season eggs & celery to taste.  Don’t let the egg yolks get hard – remove them while they are still runny.  Remove the celery around the same time after they are lightly cooked.
Put all ingredients in a shallow bowl, add pepper to taste and enjoy!  If you’re a meat lover, adding some nitrate-free prosciutto or free-range bacon to this is fantastic.
Benefits these organ systems:  Spleen, Stomach, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Liver, Gall Bladder, Heart, Kidneys.
Ancestral Diet classification:  Paleo Diet


4. Ginger Pork Congee (Jook) Soupcongee

A Chinese and Southeast Asian favourite with many health benefits, there are dozens of kinds of congees, many of them are made with Chinese herbs for different healing purposes.  For example, there’s a recipe for tonifying the blood that includes goji berries, red dates and eggs.
I prefer this simple and nutritious ginger-pork recipe, because not only does it taste great, but it gives you a good boost of protein and ginger to start the day like a champ.
Here’s a recipe for the Thai version known as “Jook” (pronounced Joke): [if you spill any on your sweater, the Jook will be on you – haha!]
Here’s my own simple recipe that I use, which is practically the same:
– Cooked White Rice (organic is best as always)
– Ginger
– Garlic
– Ground Organic Pork
– Fresh Cilantro
– Fresh Scallion Onions
– Salk & Pepper to taste
– Broth (Bone broth is best, but any other will do)
Cook rice or use leftover cooked rice.  Bring broth to a boil.  Crush and chop garlic cloves finely. Mix minced garlic and salt with ground pork.  Roll pork balls and drop them in the boiling broth, reducing heat to medium low.  Add rice to broth.  Once pork balls are cooked, pour rice soup into bowls.  Season with freshly grated ginger, cilantro and scallions.  Add pepper to taste.
Congee is particularly good for people with sensitive digestive systems.  It’s great when recovering from illness.  The ginger helps combat inflammation and breaks up phlegm and mucus.  The pork balls help nourish the blood and provide great protein.
Benefits these organ systems:  Spleen, Stomach, Small Intestine, Lungs, Large Intestine, Kidneys and Heart.
Ancestral Diet classification:  Homesteaders Diet


5. Poached Salmon for BreakfastAntioxidant-Recipe-Poached-Salmon-with-Spinach

Yes!  Your cells will thank you for this nutritious breakfast!  Especially useful when you need extra energy or stamina during your day.  All you need:
– Salmon Filet
– Coconut Oil
– Spinach or Leafy Green Vegetable
– Salt & Pepper to taste
Bring 1/4 cup of water to a simmer in a pan with a lid, adding 2 teaspoons of coconut oil.  Salt & season both sides of the salmon filet.  Add salmon to pan and put spinach or other vegetable that you would like to steam next to the salmon or on top.  Close lid and poach on low heat for approx. 5-10 mins.  Cook time dependent on size of fish, check to see that it’s half way cooked, then turn it over.  Serve and enjoy when ready!
Benefits these organ systems:   Liver, Heart, Small Intestine, Gall Bladder, Kidneys.
Ancestral Diet classification:  Paleo Diet